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A Dump for KHR Fanfics in Filipino

I Mishu All ;__; Plus A Shameless Blog. Wala Na Akong Hiya
WAAAAAAAAH! DYUSKOOOH! It's been a goddamn while! I missed posting on LJ! ;A; Sorry if I made you worry, all of you. I've been too damn busy lately. Work, work, work, and...uh, well, I've been collaborating with a good friend in creating a visual novel. To prove that I'm telling the truth, please visit the Infinite Stage Website or our collaboration blog SaiMai Studios. Yes there are some illustrations there too, and here's a sneak peek:


So sorry for those who kept on checking my entries here, I've neglected this bably for a long time... Anyway, I guess I have to keep this alive. And I think I have to reformat my whole LJ account... Hrrgh.

Bye muna, have to work. Mwah-mwah tsup-tsup! :3


Tired of same old events? Tired of ranting about same old otaku gatherings? Thinking about having a very different summer break your own way?

Prepare for a very special otaku festival this summer as Henshin Hero Philippines, together with JEFusion presents to you NATSUMONOGATARI: A Summer Tale. Beat the heat with a burning Otaku Spirit!

Event highlights include:

Summer Cosplay - Cosplaying gets a very unique twist just to beat the summer heat! See your favorite characters dressed in their summer festival versions!

Anything Goes~ Summer Trivia Wars - A war of minds and wits will be unleashed in this very RANDOM trivial battle! Will you weed out one of your teammates to get ahead of the competition?

Singing Contest - Train your vocal chords for a chance to win the Karaoke contest!

Summer Art Contest - You’re an art junkie? Grab your pens and tablets and showcase your art! 

Food Eating Contest

Band Performance

Guest Performances

Dance Battle

Summer Games - Watermelon whacking! Origami Boat Battle! Tug of war! You just see these in obligatory anime beach episodes/ But now you could play these!

Hanabi (Fireworks) Viewing - A Summer Festival isn’t complete without the fireworks. Dress on your favorite yukata and watch the sparkles fly.

And a VERY SPECIAL announcement during the event. You dont wanna miss this because this will literally CHANGEyour world!

Join us at May 27, 2012 at BFRV Resort Clubhouse,Lalaine Bennett Street., BF Resort Village, Talon II, Las Pinas City (yes people, venue moved to the new location, so please disregard what was written in the poster >.< but it's still near the original one). Gates open at 10pm!

Like our Facebook Page! Just search for Natsumonogatari: A Summer Tale. See you there!

For concessionaire and sponsorship details, please post a message on our Facebook Page. Or contact 09157731805. Look for Lorenz or Naz

New Rebocon DVDs And Other Interesting Chuvachuchu

According to a certain post in the hitman-reborn LiveJournal Community and to the KHR Seiyuus page on Facebook, four new DVDs will be released this year, containing some selected clips from the past Rebocons. In addition to that, read this people, each DVD will contain a PV of selected character song and a roundtable discussion from selected seiyuus regarding the concerts. 

Yun YON eh.

So here’s the list of DVDs on pre-selling at Amazon.com Japan:

DVD 1: Vongola Saikyo no Carnival Collection - Vongola Version Vol. 1
PV: Oretachi No Yakusoku (Gokudera and Yamamoto) by Hidekazu Ichinose and Suguru Inoue
Roundtable Discussion Cast: Neeko (Reborn), Yukari Kokubun (Tsunayoshi Sawada), Hidekazu Ichinose (Hayato Gokudera), Suguru Inoue (Takeshi Yamamoto), Junko Takeuchi (Lambo), Chiang LiMei (I-Pin), Masami Suzuki (Lal Mirch), Yuka Terasaki (Basil)
Release Date: June 29, 2012 

DVD 2: Vongola Saikyo no Carnival Collection - Vongola Version Vol. 2
PV: Namida no Ondo (Chrome Dokuro) by Satomi Akesaka WITH Toshinobu Iida
Roundtable Discussion Cast: Hidenobu Kiuchi (Ryohei Sasagawa), Takashi Kondo (Kyoya Hibari), Toshinobu Iida (Mukuro Rokudo), Satomi Akesaka (Chrome Dokuro), Yuuna Inamura (Kyoko Sasagawa), Hitomi Yoshida (Haru Miura), KENN (Dino)
Release Date: July 27, 2012

DVD 3: Vongola Saikyo no Carnival Collection - Varia Version
PV: Chikonka no Ame (Superbia Squalo) by Hiroki Takahashi WITH Masanori Ikeda
Roundtable Discussion Cast: Masanori Ikeda (Xanxus), Hiroki Takahashi (Superbia Squalo), Yuuki Fujiwara (Belphegor), Rumi Shishido (Mammon), Koichiro Yuzawa (Lussuria), Yuuto Nakano (Levi A. Than), Sachi Kokuryu (Fran)
Release Date: August 24, 2012  

DVD 4: Vongola Saikyo no Carnival Collection - Millefiore
PV: No Control (Shoichi Irie) by Toshiyuki Toyonaga)
Roundtable Discussion Cast: Takanori Ohyama (Byakuran) Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Shoichi Irie), Kenjiro Tsuda (Spanner), Hoshino Nanjo (Uni), Kazuki Kato (Kikyo
Release Date: September 19, 2012 

Each DVD costs 3500 Yen (just convert it to yer own currency) and it’s been discounted by 27% (as what I understood) and you can have it pre-ordered on Amazon.com.jp or CDJapan. So I guess we still have time to save enough munny…

Anyway, that’s for the good Rebocon news. I can say that some of our wishes came true upon the release of Gamma’s PV, nyehehehe… 

If you don't believe in me or in the source of my report, at least believe in their website: http://www.ponycanyon.co.jp/rebocon/dvd_carnevale.html

Fuck, This Pissed Me Off!

I’ve just checked my YouTube account minutes ago and visited the channel of the person who ‘stole’ my uploads. I was surprised that s/he blocked me when I attempted to message someone who responded to my comment on one of his/her ‘uploads’. Is it because of the note I’ve sent to that person?

If s/he really has this good intention, s/he should have at least informed me. I’ve left some of my contact info on my Livejournal entry containing my conditions regarding my Rebocon uploads so if ever someone would want to ask me something I would know right away. But I don’t know if that person overlooked at my attached conditions or he disregarded it all in all. 

I’ve warned him/her that if s/he didn’t get rid of the videos right away, I have no choice but to report him/her—wait, I forgot, Polycanyon might see those too and s/he might get a notice anytime from now. Let’s see, let’s see. 

For those who have subscribed on his/her channel. sorry to ruin your enjoyment but I know and I’m familiar with my uploads, I know what is mine and what is not. And it’s sad to think that this is the first time that has happened to me ever since I signed-up on YouTube.

If s/he wanted to upload them that bad, s/he should buy the DVD him/herself, do some editing that will distinguish that those uploads are 100% HIS/HERS.


But I’ll decide to let him/her be and not to bother him/her again. I’ll just block him/her and I’ll let YouTube and Polycanyon shoot that creep for that.

For this, I’m having this second thought of deleting my YouTube account FOR GOOD.

Regarding The Latest Rebocon 5 Uploads on YouTube

I decided to wake up hours before I go to bed a while ago to cite my deepest regrets after discovering the latest Rebocon uploads on Youtube, which turned out to be MY ORIGINAL UPLOAD because the said uploader failed to “remove” the logo and the warning sign I put in before the start of a certain clip if he or she decided to upload them without having an intention to notify me. Although my backup account “Tanghalang Saging” has been long deactivated after receiving a notice from Youtube and Polycanyon, the rules and conditions remain unbreakable and absolute as long as the logo of Cabrera Studios exist there.

This Youtube user (I prefer not to mention his/her username here for his/her protection ) has clearly violated my conditions and therefore notified this user to remove the videos immediately. I know that this user has pure intentions, however s/he failed to consult me by any means regarding the videos. Because of this incident, I regret to inform you all that I DON’T HAVE ANY INTENTION OF UPLOADING THE REST OF THE CLIPS ANYWHERE EVER AGAIN. I’ve already stated in my previous posts that the moment I’ll see my clips somewhere without my knowledge, I’ll remove my videos right away and notify that person. Even though Tanghalang Saging does not exist anymore, as long as it bears the Cabrera Studios logo which is mine, it will remain under my name, whether I’ve only ripped it or my original.

That user should have, at least, credit me for uploading the clips, showing the logo is not enough for me or CS itself to be credited.

I’ve spent almost $122 for the DVD alone and was even excited to share it with the rest of the world, I never thought that a simple negligence to the rules will ruin my trust.

I’ve already warned you people. Face the consequences.

Rebocon 5? Yeah, Spoiler na Kung Spoiler, Pero... DISC 2
So THIS is the continuation of my report about Rebocon 5, sorry if it took me long enough due to my, er... Yeah, right, PROCRASTINATION. So here it goes:

Warning, Again: SPILERS. Read At Yer Own Risk...Collapse )

That's all folks! Sorry if I didn't able to elaborate further but if I did, as I said, that will be the ultimate spoiler. And well, I can't tell you if they have ever mentioned about the rumored Second Season until someone with a big heart will be able to translate even the second disc, but with dam tight policies regarding copyright I doubt if someone will do it.

Oh well, if only my internet connection is strong enough to upload all of them on my MediaFire account, I'll be happy to do it, because I can't trust YouTube anymore. 

Thus, the end of my Rebocon 5 report. This is Yer Friendly Neigborhood Banana, signing off. 

Notice To All Regarding Rebocon 5 Videos:

I regret that inform you that I have to remove the Rebocon 5 videos due to copyright infringement

I just got the notice earlier today and such, I have no other choice but to remove them all. I've already foresee this. I am also aware that anytime they will remove my videos because of that. I'm so sorry if you got surprised that the videos are no more. 

Because of what happened, aside from the removal of videos, Tanghalang Saging is also no more. After all, it's just a backup of my original YouTube account. 

I still have plans to upload them, including the Disc 2, but I'm not sure when. First of all, my connection can't handle long uploads (the fastest that it can do is 3.5 Mbps) and second, I haven't chopped my Disc 2 yet cause my computer memory is not high enough to store them. But due to their demand, I'll try my best to upload them.

If ever I got a chance to upload them aside from YouTube, the same rules will still apply, maybe on my Multiply or Tumblr account, I'll try.

For now, Tanghalang Saging is officially CLOSED.

That's one reason I HATE YouTube.


Hello, this is yer friendly neighborhood banana speaking. This is to happily inform you that after I have successfully purchased my own Rebocon 5 DVD and watched it, I decided to SHARE it with the rest of the world, for those who couldn’t afford to make a special order from CD Japan. Yes, bananas, I have SUCCESSFULLY UPLOADED all of the contents of the DVD to my separate YouTube account under the name ‘Tanghalang Saging’ Banana Theater), still part of Cabrera Studios. (Palakpakan naman jan people!)

Yes, yes, I’ve been generous enough since I’ve been in a stage where I couldn’t reach even a thousand bucks just to get what I wanted, and I’m also among those who were desperately waiting for the concerts to be uploaded on YouTube and then cry on one corner when all the videos are taken down (so is the uploader) due to stupid copyright infringement. Yes, I’m also aware that someday my account will be taken down again because of these videos, so for that I decided to share ONLY THE DISC 1 because I find Disc 2 too long to chop and my internet connection is not upload-friendly AND because of the stupid copyright infringement,  and they will only stay for ONLY ONE MONTH OR 30 DAYS until they will give me notice, and UNDER SEVERAL CONDITIONS. Feel free to enjoy the videos, folks, but PLEASE, read the rules first, follow them with all your heart, and we will all enjoy the videos without fail.

So here are some conditions that I’ll be implemented for these videos:

1.       NEVER, EVER, TRY TO UPLOAD MY VIDEOS WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE AND/OR PERMISSION. I’ve spend almost half of my paycheck just for this precious DVD and it will be unfair if you will just upload it and claim it as YOU OWN. Now that’s copyright infringement. If I caught my videos been played in other channels and/or video-streaming sites without consulting me first, I’m sorry but I’LL IMMEDIATELY TAKE MY CHANNEL DOWN AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE THOSE VIDEOS AGAIN. I will know if these videos are mine because the entire thing has my own opening and ending sequence. You might think of removing the sequences but you can’t be sure how you will put them like a jigsaw puzzle, kala n’yo ah... >J If you really want to download them for your own enjoyment and no claiming nor profit involved, you can ask me nicely and I can even provide you with the link or use the YouTube downloader, but sorry, I don’t have any intention of removing the mark, indicating that I’ve paid $122 just for the DVD and I have the right to earn it.

2.       If you’re planning to make screenshots or GIFs for your blog out my uploads, please ask me first, don’t forget to credit this banana for the purpose. Same thing applies if you failed to do so, I’ll remove my videos immediately.

3.       If you’re volunteering to sub the videos, I will be glad to! Just PM me via my YouTube, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Multiply or LiveJournal accounts and I’ll give you permission to sub it and upload it for everyone else’s convenience.

4.       If ever you get surprised that the videos were taken down earlier than you expected, that’s either the management has given me a stupid notice to take it down right away or some rotten banana uploaded my videos without permission. IF you happened to still spot my videos on my Multiply OR Tumblr account while my YouTube account has been taken down, that means it’s still safe for you to watch them and enjoy them for a month more, at least.

5.       Feel free to comment on the videos! But please, don’t ask me about the link on the public comments, just PM me and state me just one valid reason why you want to upload them.

6.       And when I said I’ll take down my videos if you didn’t follow these rules, I’LL DEFINITELY DELETE THEM AND THERE’S NO FUCKING WAY THAT I’LL BRING THEM BACK. Pasensyahan na lang tayo.

If you have any questions, comments, suggetions, violent reactions, feel free to message me through my following accounts:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/tanghalangsaging

Tumblr: http://daquilang-saguing.tumblr.com/ask

Deviantart: http://bipura.deviantart.com

Multiply: http://beafstakes.multiply.com

LiveJournal: http://beafstakes.livejournal.com

So hope you enjoy the magic and moment, that was Rebocon 5!

Rebocon 5? Yeah, Spoiler na Kung Spoiler, Pero... DISC 1
ryohei, ryobird, hibird

Warning: SPOILERS. Read At Yer Own RiskCollapse )

Rebocon 5? Hell yeah. I'VE ALREADY BOUGHT ONE.
ryohei, ryobird, hibird
And I even thought I couldn't order one anymore. It was a goddamn miracle.

I've relied too much on PayPal while there is still another way to pay for the special request at CD Japan. Why not use my card? That only came across my mind while shopping at SM MoA for my sisters' baon. I thought, why the hell not? So after shopping, I immediately went home, got annoyed a bit since my sisters were using the sole internet USB, so I went out to go to a nearby computer shop, logged in to my PayPal account and to my UnionBank account (just for a little assistance) and then logged in to my CD Japan account where I still have second thought if I'll take the order or not, since I've already inquired earlier about the Rebocon 5 DVD. They have it although it doesn't have a bonus heart strap (oh snap I want a blue or a yellow one >_<) and all I have to do is to pay for it. I CAN'T CANCEL IT. And so... well, still crossing my fingers, I tried their payment option regarding using a credit card.

They accept major credit cards, and accept debit Master card. I though, pa'no ba 'to, I only have a debit Visa Card, but hell, I still tried it, typed the information needed to verify my card, then placed my order with the said amount which was 9100 yen (that's 8500 yen for the DVD plus shipping fee of 1100 yen) and that's equivalent of almost $122 or more or less PHP 5500, that's almost half of my half-month paycheck! Susme, ang mahal pala! But hell, the most surprising part of purchasing my order was that my card was accepted! And then I looked at my UnionBank account, aba, they have really taken it, bawas na! That means...


I have mixed emotions after I've successfully purchased my order.I mean, oh Lawd, is this really true, that after a week or two I could finally obtain what I've been longing for? At the same time I became quite scared after spending more than PHP 5000 for just one DVD. My folks didn't know that I've ordered something straight from Japan. >_< But heh, who cares, it's my first fruit of my labor outside of my country, I should cherish it, am I right? This is just a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so I have to savor it once I've got my precious shipment.


Can't wait for my shipment to come! Trust me, babies, I almost couldn't sleep after the order. Damn, damn, DAMN! I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT ANYMORE! WOOOOOH! ASTEEEG~!